The Good Spite

To spite the hastily-written words that I left on this web log yesterday I woke up early this morning, laced up my running kicks, threw a rain slicker over my shoulders and set out on a pitch-black, pouring-like-mad run through the Panhandle. I gotta say, there's something rad AF about being the only runner on the streets. Even though my pace was complete shit and there was a whole bunch of snot streaming down my face, I still felt like a total BA (badass), like I'd survived something that other people hadn't, sorta like Will Smith's character in I Am Legend or something. So yeah, the conclusion of this paragraph is basically that I'm really effing awesome.

After work Sid and I hosted an impromptu dance party in the living room and only invited each other. During said impromptu dance party "Hey Jealousy" by the Gin Blossoms came on and I smiled a big dumb smile and Sid asked me why I was smiling so big and so dumb and I told her that it was because the song that we were listening to reminded me of one tiny little moment in college when I was dancing on top of a couch with my friend Anne in our other friend Adrian's older brother's dorm room at Notre Dame when we were freshman. We were very drunk (obvi) and we were just throwing everything we had at that song and it was one of those moments that a Stephen Chbosky character might refer to as infinite.