Sketchfest Take Two

Kari and Kelly and Tommy and I reunited in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood tonight to pose for a group selfie in front of a MetroPCS step and repeat and also to watch comedy. Janeane Garofalo and a bunch of people less famous than her told jokes as part of the final performance of SF Sketchfest 2016 and the venue enforced a two-drink minimum so I'm actually pretty drunk right now. Amazingly, it was a year ago yesterday that we all saw Jenny Slate at the very same festival.

I laughed a lot of times this evening but I think that my favorite joke was something to the effect of, "I would rather speak to a born-again Christian who is also a member of ISIS about their startup idea than have a conversation with a vegan." I have nothing against vegans but the dude told the joke super well. Also part of show were jokes about gay people, gluten free diets, Michiganders, people with dead moms and tech workers. So yeah, you're welcome for my life, comedians.