Sunday and Monday and Tuesday

I got a full eight hours of sleep on Sunday night, the most since my mom passed away. The evening began in the Castro with rosé champagne at Swirl and then dinner at Anchor Oyster Bar with my co-worker slash friend Judy, her husband Kevin, B and I. Afterwards we got fro-yo at Easy Breezy and then B and I went home and watched movie trailers from the couch before hitting the hay.

Yesterday was Labor Day and I did almost no things. In the morning I read the first few chapters of Wendy Wunder's The Probability of Miracles and part of The New York Times Magazine in bed and then ran for the first time in two weeks, wrote a bit at Bean There and returned home to watch John Isner lose a tennis match to Roger Federer on my laptop before capping the day on the couch with B, a grapefruit and vodka cocktail and two episodes from season five of Sex and the City.

I went to work this morning but left at 3:30 because of soccer practice. I failed to mention this last week because I was extra large busy being a bummer about my mom, but B is coaching Sid's soccer team this year and it's comprised of eight and nine-year-old girls and I'm one of the assistant coaches. Last week, at our first practice, one of the girls on the team who happened to be wearing a really adorable t-shirt with a bejeweled cupcake on the front raised her hand while everyone was seated in a circle and B called on her and she said, "I thought you should know that I'm only here because my mom is making me." After practice I suggested to B that he make her the team captain.

Following practice B rushed me across town to the LGBT Center on Market so I could do my volunteering thing in the computer lab until 8:30, at which time I ran home, ate enchiladas and drank a cold glass of the limoncello that my co-worker Gwyneth brought back from a recent trip to Capri. The watching of additional episodes from season five of Sex and the City happened as well.

Also, and this is the last thing that I will write tonight because I'm mostly rambling, the official pictures from Laura and Mike's big day popped up on Facebook this evening and it has been so damn rad to relive one of the most amazing weekends of my life. Below is one of those pictures and I would probably take full credit for ruining it if it were not for Matthew's antics in the front row.