How To Live

On this day two years ago my mom published a post to her web log about Joe and Sheila, two of her closest friends, called How To Live. Joe had been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease a few years before her post and my mom so admired the way that they chose to live their lives despite the circumstances. In her post she said that Joe and Sheila had taught her "a lot of great lessons about how to live" and then she listed five of them which, funnily enough, sound a bit like her last words.

  • Twirl until you get dizzy and fall to the ground.

  • Hike in the woods at dark and sing at the top of your lungs like you're on stage.

  • Laugh until you almost wet your pants.

  • Host a party and invite one hundred of your closest friends and family members.

  • Sing like a rock star.

If you knew my mom at all you know that those five lessons on living are so damn her that it stings. What stings even more, however, are the beautiful words that she chose to end the post with.

...I plan to continue dancing, even if I look silly doing it.

And she did.