Things About Today


Today was my first non-work day in a couple of weeks but it didn't so much feel like a non-work day because it was the busiest. First, B and I had to wake up earlier than normal in order to gather Sid from her sleepover on the other side of town in order to make it to Gay Running Club on time (see above photo). After the run we all sped home in Bevan's car for a costume change before heading to a completely different part of San Francisco to our soccer game against the Dragons which ended in a zero to zero tie. Following the game Sid went with her mom and B and I went to the Squat & Gobble on 16th Street for a late mimosa brunch, then back home to change our clothes again so as to arrive at Players Sports Bar on Pier 39 on time to meet a bunch of nine-year-old girls for Sidney's ninth birthday celebration which included cake, candy, chicken tenders, French fries and video games (see photo below). After Sidney's party ended around seven o'clock B and I raced downtown to the AMC Metreon 16 to catch the 7:50 showing of The Intern, the latest flick from Nancy Meyers, my favorite screenwriter whose name is not Aaron Sorkin. The Intern was totally grand and happy-making and I have a huge crush on Robert De Niro's character and an even huger crush on the film's set designer and I'll probably buy the DVD when it becomes available on DVD.

B and Sid.JPG

Also, I think it should be noted that I, Corey Lambert, defeated the Bevan Dufty in air hockey by a score of seven to two in spite of the incredible amount of trash that he talked at me beforehand.