Hennessy in Oakland With Tommy

I'm typing these words with my thumbs whilst riding over the Bay Bridge in a Lyft on my way home from Oakland where Tommy treated me to a Brandi Carlile concert at the Fox Theater this evening (see above photo). I had never really listened to Brandi Carlile before her set and in fact actually thought that we were seeing Belinda Carlisle from The Go-Go's until earlier this week but I enjoyed myself very much due in large part to Tommy and the plastic cup of Hennessy that he made me consume (it's his "Spiritual Drink"). Prior to the concert I worked at work for twelve or more hours and then ate three tacos at Xolo and I think that I should note that there wasn't a hook on the back of their restroom door and so I had to poop with my backpack on which was a first for me. Also, I have to work all weekend because the first part of my big project is supposed to wrap up on Monday and I have to coach a soccer game tomorrow as well and I'm so effing tired and okay bye.