After a great many not-so-great work weeks in a row things were okay today. I got a bunch of shit done and didn't yell at any of my colleagues and I bounced shortly after five to meet B at the Westfield for the 5:45 showing of Grandma, Lily Tomlin's new flick, which was oh-so-dope and will probably earn her an Oscar nomination. In fact, Mrs. Tomlin was so wonderful and Bevan was so caught up in her wonderfulness that he actually started applauding during a scene in the middle of the movie, which may also have been a result of his consuming two of the four small bottles of Sauvignon Blanc that I had smuggled into the theater.

After leaving the Westfield we rode the train to City Hall, grabbed B's car and while he drove us to Japantown for carryout sushi Tommy and I chatted on FaceTime about the Brandi Carlile concert that we're hittin' up in Oakland on Friday. Then B and I spent the rest of the evening on the living room couch in front of the final three episodes of Sex and the City.