Just Kinda Drunk

A bunch of folks who traveled from far away places to celebrate my mom descended upon Pigeon Hill Brewing Company earlier tonight for alcohol and music and toasts. In addition to my aunts, uncles and cousins, Amanda, Anne and Laura came, a handful of Kelly's high school besties were there and even Ellen and Terry, our neighbors from Robinhood Drive, showed up to raise a glass.

Although this was a very inconsequential part of the evening, I made a note about it in my phone and so I'm gonna share it anyway. At one point toward the end of the night I asked Amanda if she had any gum on her and while we were looking for it in her purse I said, "I feel like I would keep a pretty organized purse." to which Amanda responded, "My purse is the one thing in my life that isn't organized." Then Laura, who had spent the previous night (and early morning) celebrating super freakin' hard in honor of my mom, leaned over the table toward us and said, with a drink in her hand and a hangover in her eyes, "I don't even know where my purse is." And then we laughed.

Also, the photo at the top of this post is of Bevan, my dad and I in the backseat of Chris and Kelly's car. It was taken at a Wendy's drive-through while we waited for French fries. We were not sober.