Love This Town

I arrived at the Eureka Valley Rec Center in my sneaks earlier this evening only to discover that Gay Basketball had been cancelled, so I hauled myself back to the Lower Haight, consumed three pupusas at Emanuel Coffee and then stopped by Kari's apartment to request that she wander the city with me. As we approached the Castro together we were passed on the sidewalk by a man wearing an assortment of gold-colored clothing on his body, music speakers on his back and roller skates on his feet. As luck would have it a well-timed traffic signal caused him to stop just ahead of us and so I hustled up to him and asked if he would pose for a picture with me. He said sure.

As far as I am aware, the man on the golden skates was not on his way to a parade or a party or even a very late brunch, but was instead out on a routine Sunday roll through his neighborhood, which pretty well sums up the exact reason why I can maybe never live anywhere else but here.