Laura and Mike Get Married

If the above photo is any indication, I had a fantastic time celebrating the union of my dear friends Laura and Mike in Chicago, Illinois last weekend. In fact, I had such a good time that I'm gonna share details about it below.

I touched down in the Windy City just before midnight on Friday, snagged my bags, hopped into a Lyft and arrived at the InterContinental twenty-three minutes later where Sassy, who'd flown in from Dallas that morning, was waiting. We chatted while I ate two bacon-wrapped hot dogs from the 7-Eleven down the street and then Adrian showed up from his flight a little while later and we all climbed into bed around 2:30 but stayed awake laughing in the dark for a while and it felt so damn wonderful to be in the presence of two people who I love so much but don't see enough of.

My phone alarm sounded at 7:15 the next morning and I climbed out of bed, laced up my running kicks and hustled down the street to meet Mike (he got married in May), who had arrived from New York the night before, at Oak Street Beach for a three-mile jog slash gab sesh to Navy Pier.

After the jog I took a shower, put clothes onto my body and then grabbed Sassy and another Lyft, this time to Aje Cafe in Lakeview, for to-go sandwiches which we carried to Linda's house to enjoy with mimosas.

Following brunch Sassy and I huffed it to Belmont Harbor to meet up with Adrian, Amanda, Anne, Ben, Ken, Matt, Mike, RJ and Seth for an afternoon cruise on Lake Michigan in a boat that we rented on the Internet. We initially sailed south toward Millennium Park to try and listen to music from Lollapalooza but that didn't work so we ended up drinking and floating and joking and sunning and swimming in an area that's called "The Playpen".

At around three o'clock in the afternoon we motored back to Belmont Harbor to park the boat and head back to the InterContinental on Michigan Avenue to shower and get ready for the evening's festivities.

The ceremony itself, which was held in one of the hotel's stunning ballrooms, was a half-Catholic, half-Jewish affair and the co-hosts (a priest and a rabbi) were funny as hell and it felt like the love in the room could be sliced with a butter knife and so I was on one of those all-too-rare life highs in which I rushed around the room during the cocktail hour after the wedding hugging everybody and taking pictures and talking too fast and trying to keep it together but failing really pretty miserably.

Dinner and a reception followed and I haven't the skill at writing words to articulate just how incredibly incredible both of those things were so I'll just say that our dinner table was stacked with hilarious people and the reception band was amazing and I danced so hard with so many of my best friends in the whole entire world around me until my legs were Jell-O and there was no sweat left in my body and god I really did not want the night to end. Also, we got to do that thing where we lift the bride and groom up in chairs which was def Bucket List shiz for me.

The next morning I woke up beside a pile of empty 7-Eleven bacon-wrapped hot dog cartons and an untouched bottle of lemon-lime Gatorade and a short time later Sassy sauntered in from somewhere that I'm probably not allowed to share on the World Wide Web and then Adrian woke up and we all recapped the night and teased one another about our wedding reception antics and then I showered, packed and headed down to the lobby to meet Dave, Shay, Liz and Matt so that we could all walk to the out-of-towners brunch at Weber Grill together. Once there we ate food and shared stories from the weekend and at one point a relative of the newlyweds approached our table to thank us for our performance at the reception which made me really damn proud.

Then Sassy and I hopped into another Lyft car and tried not to be sad as we rode it to the airport.

Upon our arrival at O'Hare International Sassy and I hugged one another and then headed to our flights and Virgin tossed me into first class next to a super interesting New Yorker who builds theaters in the homes of celebrities for a living and we spent three and a half hours drinking free booze and eating free food and talking about life and death and musical theater, which was rad.

Anyway, the web log post that I wrote yesterday about how last weekend was one of the most amazing weekends of my life is something that I'm gonna stand by and also can I have a redo?