One of Those Nights

After buying tickets months ago, Bevan and I rode our bicycles to Provincetown Town Hall around six o'clock this evening to meet up with Dan and Paul to watch Audra McDonald, a six-time Tony Award winner and arguably the greatest musical theater actress on the planet right now, sing songs in a sold-out, one-night-only solo performance. The venue, a gorgeous historic building in the heart of town, was packed to the gills and Well Strung, an all-gay singing string quartet, opened with a couple of songs including Taylor Swift's Blank Space and then Audra came out in a stunning black dress and was utterly magical for the next hour and a half. She sang beautifully and cracked jokes with expert timing and told interesting stories about her career and at one point even called her husband onto the stage to sing a duet with her. Like I said, she was magical, utterly magical.

Having won her record-breaking sixth Tony last year for her portrayal of Billie Holiday in Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill, Audra and Bevan struck up an e-friendship because Billie Holiday is Bevan's godmother and so about thirty minutes into the show tonight Audra was talking about the aforementioned role and said, "I would like to say hello to Bevan. He's Billie Holiday's godson and he's in the audience tonight." and then Bevan froze and I raised my arms up and yelled "He's right here!" and people cheered and it was a really damn cool moment. After the show was over Audra invited us to come backstage but we saw her invite too late and we were already in bed.

I'm not entirely sure if I believe in an afterlife or not, but god I hope my mom saw tonight's concert from wherever she is. She was such a huge fan of musical theater and I wish like hell that I could have experienced Audra with her because I know she would have loved every fucking second of it.