Bowling With the Boys

After quite a lot of travel and very little sleep I arrived in Muskegon around noon today and instead of taking a nap like my body wanted me to I hugged my dad and kissed my mom and then went bowling. Cole, Peyton and I loaded ourselves into my parents' van, drove it to the old bowling alley on Sherman Boulevard, ordered a round of sugary drinks and then got our bowl on. It just so happened that none of us were wearing socks, so we were forced to bowl four whole games with our sweaty bare feet inside of very old bowling shoes and I seemed to be the only one grossed out. Also, before each game started we would change our nicknames on the electronic scoreboard and the two of them gave each other nicknames like Blood Shade and Shadow Hawk and because I let them choose my nicknames too, I was stuck with Burp and I Heart Poop and Turd Burglar. Regardless, it was kind of really super awesome to spend an afternoon inside an empty bowling alley with my rad nephews who I hadn't seen since Christmas. We took a bunch of pictures and videos and made up silly rules like you have to bowl between your legs and I bowled a 157 because, well, bumper lanes.