From the Web

Another weekend is here and after riding a municipal train to a regional train to an airport train I'm sitting in yet another airport bar waiting to board yet another airplane flight whilst consuming yet another glass of something that'll make me feel fine about the fact that I'm about to be sitting in a chair roughly seven miles above the world and the week that just happened did so in a blink and even though I partook in some pretty cool activities during it, I'm not entirely sure where it went.

In a few hours I'll be in Chicago, Illinois to celebrate the marriage of my friends Laura and Mike and so maybe I'll not post any words to this web log tomorrow, but who knows. Also, if I'm being all the way honest, I'm going to be in the Windy City for roughly thirty-six hours and I packed four pairs of shoes. Who even am I? I do not know. What I do know, however, is below are some of the raddest things that I read and slash or watched on the World Wide Web this week.