On This Day in 2006

The Facebook Wall post above was made by my college roommate Danielle nine years ago today, which means that I finished my last college course, British Literature II, nine years ago this week. It's really kinda crazy to think that even though some three thousand days have happened since then, I can still remember just how it felt to walk out of the Silver Center that last time, like it was the beginning of something, of everything really, and that there would be time to figure it all out.

The following week, my last in the Big Apple, was a blur. In fact, I considered titling this web log entry Messes Take Manhattan because those three words so accurately describe how things unfolded when my little brother and his two best friends, Jake and Mark, all recent high school graduates who'd come to move me out of my shared one-bedroom Brooklyn Heights apartment, imparted themselves on New York City. We visited Central Park and Madison Square Garden and Serendipity, we ate catfish soup in Chinatown and saw Rent from the front row on Broadway and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then, in one final insane burst of unbridled celebration on our last night in town, we barfed up homemade rum and Cokes on the Staten Island Ferry. As my littler brother said to me in a text message about it this morning, "Those were the days."