I started thumbing out a web log post on my cell phone from the backseat of a Lyft car on my way to work around seven o'clock this morning but I didn't get very many words down before Nemat made me get out and pay, so I'm gonna try and finish the aforementioned web log post now because I've got almost zero things on my horizon until 9:00pm Central Standard Time.

Following my mobile post from B's passenger seat, he, Sid and I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon and the whole of Saturday night in Cloverdale dancing and swimming and enjoying ourselves with reckless abandon at William's seventh birthday party. I wasn't feeling great upon our return to the city on Sunday so I laid around until five and then headed to the Eureka Valley Rec Center to try and sweat out my sickness with a few games of pick-up basketball. I left after an hour and a half to sit on the sofa with B and watch the oh-so-timeless and underrated 1987 classic Three Men and a Baby which, like Adventures in Babysitting, has almost completely withstood the test of time, the fashion notwithstanding. Also, 1987 Tom Selleck can get it.

Last night was for laundry and the rest of Three Men and a Baby and a ten o'clock bedtime which sounds dope except for the fact that I had to be up at five o'clock this morning to fold my clothes, edit a web log post for my mom and be at my office by seven. I'd also like to note that I was in the shower around six when B woke up because he thought he'd heard gunshots outside and I told him that he was most certainly losing it but then later in the morning the news said that a security guard at the United States Mint, the very same United States Mint that's located one block from where we live, fired three shots at a neighborhood dog at about 6:00am. The dog did not die.

After work tonight I hoofed it to Proposition Chicken for a gluten free fried chicken sandwich and waited for forty minutes to get it. I then walked to the LGBT Center, the place that I'm typing this post from, to assist folks in computing and also to ensure that they don't look at bad things. Dan came by on his way home from Staples and here's a picture of us from a few minutes ago.

Oh, I named this post Whirlwindy because things have been medium to large crazy since Friday and beginning tomorrow night they'll get even crazier as I head to Chicago and then to home to Michigan and then back to Chicago and then to Dallas, all by Sunday. From there I'll come back to San Francisco for five days of work and no Bevan or Sidney as they'll be in P-Town without me for three full weeks. On Friday the 31st of July I will get back on an airplane to head east to Chicago for another wedding which will be followed by a three-week break from flight thank god.