Sure Was Nice

I arrived home from my travels last night and discovered a section of the Bay Area Reporter sitting by itself on the island in the kitchen. In the bottom corner of that section was a picture of B and I that had been taken nearly two weeks before at the Frameline San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival's opening night party.

Because B hadn't mentioned to me beforehand that we would be attending said party, I showed up wearing the same oh-so-casual clothes that I'd worn to work that day, which of course included the backpack that I've carried daily since college.

"Man, it sure was nice of the Bay Area Reporter to feature my JanSport so heavily in this week's issue," I told B when he walked into the kitchen a short time later.

"How do you think I feel?" he said. "It looks like I just picked you up from school."


Incidentally, I think that it may be appropriate to note that this is not the first time that I've played the doof in a local gay newspaper. It is, in fact, the second time.