Before Inside Out

Inside Out, Pixar's latest flick, made its way onto movie screens around the country on Friday and this afternoon B and Sid and I journeyed to Westfield San Francisco Centre to see it in 3-D and it's every bit as wonderful as its 98% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes would suggest and it made me rethink the way I think and I fell even more in love with Amy Poehler and seriously it's really super freakin' great.

Also, right before Inside Out started Pixar screened a seven-minute musical short called Lava about a lonely singing volcano named Uku and it takes place over millions of years and it's adorable and brilliant and pretty heartbreaking as well and I bought the song on iTunes after we left the theater and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since and I'm gonna stash it below these words for safe-keeping.