Opening Night at Frameline 39

After work tonight I grabbed the T and met B, José and Mark at the Castro Theatre for the opening of this year's Frameline San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, which is the world's oldest ongoing film festival devoted to queer cinema. The evening's first flick was called I Am Michael and stars James Franco as a former gay rights activist who renounced his homosexuality after a health scare and then became a pastor. It's based on a true story and was very well acted and very well shot and I kinda thought it was a little bit boring but I was also very hungry. Afterwards we got a ride with Doug, Mark and Michael to Terra in SoMa for the after-party where I ate chicken and drank vodka until much too late in the night.

I would like to note that during the question and answer session immediately following the screening the director told the audience that the film was initially shown at Sundance earlier this year and that the real-life Michael Glatze, the guy who the film's about, the guy who use to be gay but is now straight and living as a fundamentalist preacher in Wyoming, the guy who once wrote that it made him "repulsed to think about homosexuality", showed up at the screening with his wife and really liked the film which creeps me out hard in ways that I can't articulate.

Oh, and I didn't snap any other pictures of this evening but below is one from the Instagram account of James Franco that is of some consequence to this post.