On This Self-Indulgent Saturday

My brother Chad is in Muskegon for a quick visit this weekend and so this morning I woke up a little bit early to enjoy a lovely and virtual breakfast in bed with all of the original members of my family plus Harrison and it felt mostly like old times except for the virtual part and for the Harrison part and also for the wheelchair part (see above screenshot). Following FaceTime breakfast I gutted out five pretty quick but hard-won miles in Golden Gate Park with Gay Running Club and then B, Mark and I met at the Squat & Gobble on 16th Street for crepes and eggs and mimosas. The self-indulgence continued for much of the day as Bevan and I drove to the AMC Van Ness 14 for an afternoon showing of Jurassic World, which I liked quite a lot even though the dialogue wasn't great and the plot was predictable and most of the Internet is tearing it apart, then we returned home to watch an episode of season three of Orange is the New Black followed by Legally Blonde (Bevan's favorite movie) and then another episode of Orange is the New Black before climbing into bed, which is where I am typing this oh-so-riveting collection of words from.