This is Ezra

My buddy Ezra flew up from L.A. this afternoon for a business meeting or something of the like and afterwards we caught up over chickpea fries and a bottle of Triennes Saint Auguste (red wine) at Bouche in Union Square. Ezra and I first met one another on a now-defunct social networking website called DailyBooth five or so years ago and then became friends IRL (in real life) shortly after I moved to San Francisco. During that time I've come to know Ezra as one of those people who you can never really know because he's sort of endless. For instance, he speaks five languages (he ordered our wine in French) and "kind of consults" for a living and seems to only ever eat brunch and officially lives in West Hollywood but also sometimes Israel or New York depending on the month and last week he somehow just "wound up" in London for a few days because an acquaintance of his needed a favor and had a plane ticket waiting for him at the airport and also he studies topics like unlicensed midwifery in 17th century England just because he digs learning.

Anyway, my buddy Ezra and I caught up over red wine this evening and then I had pupusas at Emanuel Coffee on Haight Street with Bevan and then we blew a bunch of money on discounted candy at CVS which we ate while watching Modern Family on Hulu and now I'm gonna take my sniffles to bed because it's late and I'm sick.