Corey and Tommy Do Baseball

Two rad reps from the commercial real restate firm that I've had the pleasure of working with for the last couple of years asked me to the Giants game tonight and told me to bring a friend along so, it being Tuesday and all, I brought Tommy. Even though I kind of don't really like to watch baseball even a little bit, AT&T Park is spectacular and we had great seats and a great many margaritas and even some French fries so the evening was perfz fun and now I'm gonna go eat nachos in bed.

Oh wait, before I go I have to write down one silly and sort of inappropriate story from the evening. Our seats were in the Virgin America Club Level section of AT&T Park and in order to get to them we had to ride on an escalator decorated to look like the cabin of a Virgin America Airbus A320 (think purple LED lighting) and one particularly inebriated gentleman who happened to be riding ahead of us turned to his companion mid-ride and said, much louder than was necessary given their close proximity to one another, "I feel like I'm riding inside of Willy Wonka's vagina!"

And now, nachos in bed.