A Thought on Chance Encounters

B and I dropped Sidney off at baseball camp at five o'clock yesterday evening and headed right to the Orpheum Theater on Market Street to try our luck in the lottery for cheap tickets to the evening performance of The Book of Mormon and even though there didn't seem to be very many other people entered we lost anyway but still wanted to see the show so we decided to just buy regular tickets and while we were in line paying for them we saw Tim and Tom, our Provincetown neighbors who we rarely see in San Francisco despite the fact that all of us live here full-time and are only in Provincetown for one week out of the year, standing on the sidewalk outside of the theater and as it turned out they thought they had tickets for the evening performance of The Book of Mormon as well but their dates were mixed up so we all decided to grab a drink at The Grove in Hayes Valley together before our show started and it was during that drink that we had a pretty real conversation about some pretty big life things and in thinking about it afterwards I realized that it was the contents of that conversation that gave me the final push I needed to make a decision about something that's been hanging over my head for quite a long time now and I also realized that a lot of what this life seems to be is a great many seemingly inconsequential chance encounters that tip the scales, ever-so-slightly, in one direction or another, ultimately shaping the way we move through it.