Notes on Today

My dad was shopping at Sam's Club this afternoon and he saw a quote by Helen Walton, the wife of the store's founder, painted in huge letters on one of the walls. He liked it quite a lot so he snapped a picture and text messaged it to my siblings and I and I liked it too so I'm gonna store it down below this post for safe keeping.

Harrison, my fourteen-month-old nephew, reached another milestone today. My sister called to let me know that he'd slammed shut the door to his bedroom and when she made a move to open it she watched, mouth agape, as the handle started turning, in horror-movie-slowmo, from inside. "Yup," I told her. "You're screwed."

When I got home tonight B was waiting for me in the kitchen with a bag hanging from each arm. "Let's catch the sunset," he said. So we got into the car, drove across town and found a spot somewhere in the hills overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge where we sat in the grass sipping champagne and eating sushi as the seagulls glided and swooped and the waves crashed and foamed and the sun waded into the sea.

"It's not what you gather but what you scatter that tells you what kind of life you have lived."

Helen Walton