Seeking Medical Attention

Earlier today my dad, Kelly and I accompanied my mom to the doctor's office in the hopes of finding a remedy for the heinous congestion she's been experiencing since returning home to Michigan from a vacation in Florida almost three weeks ago. The aforementioned appointment lasted for more than an hour and, as is the case with seemingly all endeavors medical, there was a fair bit of waiting involved, so Kelly, my mom and I decided to fill the minutes by making jokes and taking selfies, which explains the sort-of-lovely photo above. I think it's important to note that my dad actively declined to participate in the photography portion of our time-filling even though he was standing a mere two feet from the selfie-taking, stating, and I quote, "There's more than enough information about me on the World Wide Web as it is." Although I'm not entirely sure what he means, I'm gonna have to assume it's this.