A Thousand Words

My sister and I were in the car on our way to grab lunch at Fatty Lumpkins Sandwich Shack (yup, that's a real place) after attending a friend's mom's funeral yesterday and because we were dressed up for the occasion (the funeral, not the sandwiches) I pulled out my phone, turned the camera toward myself and said, "Say cheese!" and the following photo resulted.

Against my better judgement I put the aforementioned photo on Facebook and tagged my sister and as of this evening it has garnered 225 likes and 23 comments (including remarks from aunts, uncles and my sixth grade teacher), several of which are along the lines of "Classic Kelly!" which made me smile because she's a nurse and a mother and a pretty quality human being when it comes right down to it and other than to make a joke she's kinda one of the last people you'd expect to be flipping the bird, but she did and now I have proof so I'm probably gonna heed the oh-so-brilliant advice of one of the commenters (my boyfriend's best friend Paul) and bust out said proof for at least one day every year for the rest of our lives.