On Beauty and Bouncy Balls

We were sipping beers in Alamo Square Park this afternoon, Felipe, Jeren, Katie, Mike and I, when someone, either Jeren or Mike, commented on how lucky we all are to live in such a gorgeous city and we all nodded our agreement and then someone else, I'm pretty sure it was Jeren but it could have been Mike too, said something about how whenever they see a particularly gorgeous part of San Francisco from the top of a hilly street they always think about a Sony Bravia commercial from like ten years ago that featured thousands of bouncy balls cascading through the streets of the city, so I whipped out my phone and googled 'bouncy balls san francisco' and sure enough, whoever said that thing was right.

A little while later the wind started to pick up and I got cold so I said goodbye to Felipe and Jeren and Mike (Katie had already left to get a pedicure) and headed home, stopping along the way to pick up a Lemon-Lime Gatorade and three pupusas from Emanuel Coffee on Haight Street. About halfway through my last pupusa (bacon and cheese), I remembered the Sony Bravia commercial and pulled it up on my phone again and this time when it was over YouTube suggested that I check out the making-of video, so I did and now I'm certain I've missed my calling.

Also, as a quick aside before I go, I wonder what happened to the frog at 1:41.