533 West Wrightwood

Four years ago today my brother Bryan (pictured above) helped me move all of my things out of the adorable top-floor, one-bedroom apartment I was renting in a hundred-year-old greystone on West Wrightwood Avenue in Chicago, Illinois and into a U-Haul truck in preparation for my journey to San Francisco. The apartment, my first without roommates, was charming and cozy and had so much damn character and I thought I would live there forever, but then I accepted a job offer across the county and was forced to sublet it to a nice guy who was getting a divorce. It was a great little place though. Below are pictures.

It made me smile to see the two quotes that I'd written on the blue-framed chalkboard pictured above. Both of the quotes were taken from books I'd finished reading around that time. The first quote ("I go to seek a Great Perhaps.") contains the last words of French Renaissance writer Fran├žois Rabelais, which John Green wrote about in Looking for Alaska. The second quote ("...you could drive yourself crazy with ifs.") is from Gabrielle Zevin's Elsewhere. If I recall correctly, the lines in the bottom right-hand corner of the board represent the number of times in a row Bryan had beaten me in chess.

How has it been four years since I left Chicago? I must have blinked, I guess.