So Many Margs

Bevan, Sean and I spent the morning grocery shopping for Chris and Clarissa's pool party. After following B up and down every aisle at Jensen's at least twice, we checked out and then walked to Over the Rainbow Cupcakes & Desserts, a cute little bakery with a huge gluten free menu, where we loaded up on colorful confections donning names like Pancakes & Bacon and Tangerine Margarita.

At noon I mixed margaritas out of a kit that B got in the mail for his birthday and everybody poured into Chris and Clarissa's backyard to eat and drink and swim and tan. At five o'clock or so the sun started to fade and people headed back to their hotels to change clothes and take naps and I FaceTimed with Laura and did the dishes while B, Chris and Greg watched Empire in the den.

We all met back up at El Mirasol for dinner and more margaritas around eight and afterwards Alan, Herb, Mike and I drove to The Barracks for a drink and now I'm dumping myself into bed next to B, who's sunburned and sawing logs.