Just a Quickie

Me and Kel.jpg

Today I ran five miles at a 7:22 pace in Golden Gate Park with Gay Running Club, went to work for three hours, hung pictures for Kelly (pictured above) at her apartment in Laurel Heights, made gluten free frozen pizza and took an accidental nap while watching Modern Family, got into a dumb fight with Bevan for no reason other than I was grumpy, made up with Bevan, drank champagne and ate tacos at Chilango with Bevan, José and Mark, ate frozen yogurt at Easy Breezy in Noe Valley, grabbed a drink at 440 Castro with B and a gay state senator and then walked home to watch the first two episodes of Jane the Virgin on the couch while drinking water and eating two cheese quesadillas.

And now I will sleep.

Good night!