Oh Hey Will

My buddy Will (pictured above) is in town from New York for work this week, so he and I gathered together at SliderBar in the Castro last night for burgers and French fries, and also to fill one another in on the major and minor happenings in our lives since our previous hang sesh, which was a lunch date at Cafeteria in Chelsea in August when I was in New York on summer vacay. I'm not sure if it's because we have similar backgrounds (we're both Midwestern gay boys from tight-knit families) or a slew of shared interests (travel, lying in parks, boys) or that we happen to do the same job for work (both of us manage office operations for fast-growing tech startups), but Will and I always have a lot of words to exchange whenever we see each other. In fact, our extremely patient waiter had to come back to our table four different times to take our food order last night because we kept forgetting to look at our menus. So I guess the moral of this web log post, if there needs to be one, is that email and FaceTime and text messaging are totally perfz in many ways, but sometimes it's really friggin' nice to have a faraway friend sitting right over there, just across the table.