Corey and Tommy Do SoMa

On Tuesday evening Tommy and I explored San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood as part of our #coreyandtommydoearth adventure series. Below is my contribution to our shared Corey and Tommy Do Earth web log.

Dearest Tommy,

First, I am totes glad that #coreyandtommydoearth happened this week. Even though I saw you twice last week for other reasons, I didn't count them toward our Friendship Hangout Total because they didn't occur on a Tuesday evening.

Secondly, I know I say this about pretty much every Tennis Tuesday adventure that we share with one another, but I think SoMa was my favorite outing yet, and it's possibly even my favorite neighborhood in San Francisco now.

The best parts of the evening according to me were as follows:

  • Meeting your college friend Paul (duh)
  • The feeling I got when I entered Hole in the Wall Saloon
  • My jock-status pinball score
  • Getting dudes' phone numbers off bathroom walls
  • Seeing your face light up as we entered Mr. S Leather
  • The entire Don Ramon's experience (obvi)
  • Going full Broadway at Oasis
  • Waking Bevan from a dead sleep when I arrived home

I am really stoked for Bernal Heights next week. We are gonna do that place so fully good that I can't even wait about it. Do you think they have gay bars there?

Okay, gotta go. LOL (lots of love), T.


P.S. I lied about the underwear.

P.S.S. Here are some more pictures.

Hole in the Wall Saloon.JPG
Don Ramon's Cheers.JPG
Tommy Don Ramon's.JPG
Corey Red Couch.JPG
Tommy Red Couch.JPG