The Rest of My Day

This morning super sucked on account of my being extra special sad about my mom (see previous post), but then the day wore on and I fielded a few beautiful text messages from a few kind people and things seemed possible again.

After work I partook in some impromptu exercise (sit-ups mostly), FaceTimed with my sister, my mom, Harrison and three of my aunts and then met Kari at Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall to watch my all-time favorite diva Patti LuPone sing songs for two hours, which was this year's Valentine's Day gift from Bevan. To provide a little background, my first encounter with Mrs. LuPone was in her Tony-nominated turn as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street on Broadway which I reluctantly attended for a class during my senior year of college (Jack Black was sitting in front of me) and she has kinda been my fave ever since. The highlight of the concert portion of the evening was Patti's rendition of Billy Joel's "Vienna" and also her encore, which included "Buenos Aires" from Evita, a role that won her a Tony.

I just left Kari at the J a few minutes ago and now I'm sitting at the kitchen counter eating tacos (one shrimp, one steak) from a Mexican restaurant down the street and talking on the phone with Tommy and writing this post and listening to "Glory" on repeat while I wait for Bevan to get home from Hawaii.