Notes from Yesterday

After staying up way too late reviewing Newsies with Sidney on Wednesday night, B woke the house at 5:50 yesterday morning to get the both of them ready for their 9:30 flight to Hawaii out of Oakland, which means I spent most of the day feeling sleep-deprived and being a grouch. I called Kelly during my lunch break and found out that Harrison had thrown up at daycare so she picked him up early and, despite her strict rules about the amount of "Screen Time" he's allowed, let him veg in front of the TV with Tuck for the afternoon.

In the evening I made my way to the Castro for a haircut and a sandwich from Ike's Place (I get the Hot Momma Huda with pickles and tomatoes on gluten free bread). I walked home to eat it on the couch with a side of Parks and Recreation when Jeren called halfway through the episode to see what I was up to. He made his way over a little bit later and had a glass of white wine while I got dressed and talked on the phone with José. Then we went to Blackbird for a drink and then to Café Flor for another drink and shortly after ten I called the laziest Lyft I've ever taken (the ride was four blocks) and rode it home to bed.

Oh, I would also like to mention in this web log post a rather noteworthy text message that I received from Bevan upon he and Sidney's arrival in Hawaii.

Sid barfed on me huge! We had to change her and attendants replaced seat cushion. Good times. We landed. She's fine now. Hope your day is great.