Snow Pants and a Group Hug

Bryan and I drove out to The Lakes Mall in "blizzard-like conditions" this afternoon to return two pairs of snow pants that had been purchased for Cole and Peyton to wear over Christmas break but there wasn't any snow during their visit so we never even cut the tags off. As we approached the JCPenney customer service counter the woman behind it got very excited and shouted, "Are you here to return those?" and when we told her that we were she said, "I'll be right back." and ran off. She returned a minute later with a family of four in tow. She explained that they had been shopping for snow pants for their young son but couldn't find any in his size because the week's heavy snowfall (see above photo) had left the store with very limited stock. The boy's mother sized up the snow pants we were returning, told her son that he could roll up the legs if they were a little too big this year and confirmed that they would buy them once the return was complete. Because we didn't have a receipt with us the return process got a bit tricky and was taking a long time so Bryan and I looked at each other and silently decided to save everybody some hassle and told the woman behind the counter to cancel the return and we handed the snow pants to the young boy's dad who said they couldn't accept them but we insisted and he thanked us and the woman behind the counter got very excited (again) and asked if she could give us a hug and we said sure and she came around to our side of the counter and pulled my little brother and I into a tight embrace right in the middle of the department store, which was fine with us because we both like hugs. Then we walked out, blushing and smiling the whole way to the car.