Movie Night

After dinner tonight my dad and I drove a mile and a half down the road to the Harbor Cinema, an old two-screen movie theater on Lakeshore Drive, to catch the 8:30 showing of The Intern because my dad hadn't seen it yet and because I wanted to see it again. Truth be told, I liked it even more the second time around and I'm pretty sure that my dad liked it as well because, and he'll kill me for putting this in writing and then sticking it on the World Wide Web, I saw him wipe away a tear when Robert De Niro's character told Ann Hathaway's character about his late wife in the hotel room scene during their business trip to San Francisco. Robert De Niro's character could have been based on my dad. Anyway, while I was sitting there in the dark I realized that the last time that I saw a movie at the Harbor was in 1995, twenty whole years ago. The movie was The Bridges of Madison County and I was with my parents and that's when I learned about Meryl Streep.