Sure Enough

Today started with a dazzling two-mile walk to work and ended with prawn cocktail-flavored potato chips on the couch at my Airbnb and in-between I ate pizza and a gluten free brownie and thrice-fried French fries and drank far too many cocktails with gin and prosecco in them followed by not nearly enough Powerade and now seems like a really good time for sleep.

Before I close this laptop I should write down that when I was in college my friend Hannah gifted me a book called 2001 Things To Do Before You Die by a man named Dane Sherwood and for a while it became an obsession of mine to check off as many things in the aforementioned book as I could and one of those things was to 'Down an Imperial pint in London's Samuel Pepys pub on the Thames' and so when I was last in London ten years ago en route to Germany to visit my little brother Bryan who was, at the time, living there as an exchange student I tried to find said pub but couldn't and so last week when I told Laura that I was London-bound she reminded me to find it and I said that I would but forgot and then today while I was eating pizza on the River Thames at lunch I looked across the water and, sure enough, there it was, plain as day. So I think I'm gonna have to down that (gluten free) pint before I head back to the United States on Sunday.

Also, while my co-worker Ali and I were on our way back to the office from Borough Market, an amazing and huge food and goods market located under the railway in Southwark (pronounced 'suth-ick'), with the baked goods that we were given the task of collecting for the office-warming party that I came to London to help with and attend we got lost because I do that here and as we wandered past an adorable little deserted lane I asked Ali if we could please walk down it and so we did and halfway through a man in an orange sweater approached us and he was talking on a cell phone and, sure enough, it was Eddie Redmayne, the actor who won an Oscar earlier this year for his portrayal of Steven Hawking in The Theory of Everything for which he gave a super touching speech that included the line, "...this belongs to all of those people around the world battling ALS."