London Strolling

Despite getting only three hours of sleep last night I set out on foot after work earlier this evening to see a bit of London.

First, I traveled on The Queen's Walk along the Thames to the London Eye.

Then I crossed the Westminster Bridge (and an inordinate number of selfie sticks) to see Big Ben.

I passed Horse Guards Parade a short time later, paid 20p to use the loo in St. James's Park, crossed The Mall, ascended the steps in front of the Duke of York Column and passed Waterloo Place before making my way back through Piccadilly Circus to Soho where I found myself in line at the Gielgud Theatre to purchase a very last-minute ticket to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time for which I paid little money for a stellar seat in the stalls on account of the Gay Mafia.

Following the show, which was beautiful and dark and unlike anything I'd seen before, I dropped my bag off at home, chatted with Chris and Kelly and Harrison on FaceTime and then wandered around Soho to find food, which turned out to be quite the feat at 11:00pm on a Wednesday. After an hour of searching I stumbled into Maoz on Old Compton Street for a falafel and French fries, which I consumed on the couch at my Airbnb whilst regaling B with the above info on FaceTime.

I would like to note that I passed by the most adorable pop-up book market beneath the Waterloo Bridge during my stroll and I hope like hell that it's open on my walk to work tomorrow morning.