Today Was Aight

Today was aight. I got to work a little late, had a salad for lunch, carved a pumpkin with my boss, started a new book and had a conversation with Kari on FaceTime that went mostly like this:

Kari: I got a new toaster but I'm gonna take it back.

Me: How come?

Kari: It's too big. It's just too fuckin' big.

During our chat I took five screenshots, almost all of which featured Kari eating food out of a blue and white floral print cereal bowl. She hates when I do that. I know this because she heard the little camera flashing sound that an iPhone makes when someone's taking a screenshot and said, "I hate when you do that." In fact, below is a screenshot of her saying "I hate when you do that."

I have decided, during the time that it took the above image to upload, that next week I am going to dedicate one whole post to sharing my all-time favorite FaceTime screenshots of Kari because I love her so much and because she'll hate it and because she used to do that shit to me all the time, as is evidenced by the FaceTime screenshot below, which I just found on her Instagram feed.