The Things We Did Today

Today was Amanda's last in the Bay. We kicked things off before 7:00am with a hike to the top of Corona Heights Hill to watch the sun come up.

After hiking back down we returned home to make eggs and hash browns which we ate on the couch while watching Someone Like You starring Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear and Hugh Jackman. Following showers (separate) we walked to the Castro and perused the shelves of Does Your Mother Know before meeting B at Squat for an extended mimosa brunch.

When brunch was over we napped in Dolores then enjoyed rum coconuts.

We grabbed sandwiches from Ike's on 16th Street a little while later and took them home to eat while watching For a Good Time, Call..., a movie about phone sex. When B got home we walked to Whole Foods to grab dinner and then watched The Other Woman before heading to bed early.

I'm bummed that Amanda's visit is over, but we squeezed a ton of memories out of her three days in the Bay and we're scheduled to squeeze even more out of my visit to her neck of the world before Thanksgiving at the end of next month so I guess I'm gonna try to be happy that she was here and not sad that's she's leaving and we'll just see how that goes.