Flashback Friday

Over dinner at Nickies with Jeren last night something that we were discussing (or drinking, maybe) reminded me of a Colin Hay song that I hadn't heard since college which made me think of Chris Looram, one of the guys that I lived with in the dorms at NYU who loved Colin Hay, which made me think of his band How I Became a Pirate which reminded me of spring break 2005 when Amanda, Laura, Lindsay and Mike visited and we all went and saw HIBaP in concert at CBGB which closed down not long after. I can't recall many details about that evening now except that the bar was very dark and kind of in ruins and How I Became a Pirate's music sounded a lot like run-of-the-mill screaming except that it was done on a stage and into a microphone. I also remember the girls using fake IDs to buy drinks at the bar and being blown away by the $12 price tag (oh hi, Manhattan). Oh, and I remember the gross bathrooms, too.

Because it wasn't my spring break I had to go to class on the afternoon that the four of them decided to go ice skating at The Rink at Rockefeller Center and because I hardly ever skipped class in college (when you break it down it's a waste of hundreds of dollars for every class you miss) I had to skip ice skating and just meet them at Serendipity later on, which I guess was fine since it was just nice to have my closest friends around. During their stay two of us (I can't remember which two) won a total of four tickets in the Wicked lottery so Amanda, Laura, Mike's grandmother Mimi (Meems) and I got to see it from the front row for $25. Mike and Linds had already seen it with the original cast (plus Taye Diggs as Fiyero) so they bought standing tickets to Phantom instead.

Anyway, the picture above and the pictures below are from that spring break. Oh, please disregard my facial hair. I don't remember how it got there but I'm glad it's gone now. Also, we jumped a lot in pictures back then, I guess.