Corey and Tommy Do Noe Valley

Tommy and I made our way through another San Francisco neighborhood on Tuesday night in celebration of #coreyandtommydoearth. Below are words that I wrote about it in our Corey and Tommy Do Earth blog journal diary.

Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy,

That's five Tommys! Tommies? Anyway, before I get started on this week's web log post I have to admit that I just poured myself home from happy hour at Uva with Jeren, so these words might be very interesante (that's how they say 'interesting' in Spanish) for everyone, but mostly for me tomorrow morning.

And now I will begin.

Like the saying goes, the third time is the charm and so our eighth #coreyandtommydoearth was the charming-est. Noe Valley is adorable and welcoming and festive. The first two adjectives in that last sentence ('adorable' and 'welcoming') were mostly referring to Rob and Martha, your brother and sister-in-law and our hosts for the evening. The moment that I walked off of the lovely and interesante hallway carpeting and into their apartment I knew that it was going to be a good night. The 'good' that I used in that last sentence refers mostly to the following things:

  • French fries at Oasis Grill which were so hot that I had to dip them in ketchup to cool them down
  • Drinking mimosas on Rob and Martha's living room floor
  • A Christmas Story (wink)
  • Walking up and out of the valley part of Noe Valley and then back down into the valley part again
  • My heart to heart with Martha on the downhill part of the walk
  • Speculating about average coming out ages by region and also by country during pizza dinner
  • Wine with a peppery aftertaste
  • Meeting your family

This week's excursion was so super good and I am so super looking forward to next week's adventure with your brother Billy in San Francisco's NoPa neighborhood.



P.S. I really hope that I lick this nasty staph before next week.

P.P.S.S. Look at your face between Elsa and Anna in the reflection in the bank window! It's like you're IN Frozen!

P.S.S.S.S.S. I will probably clean this post up tomorrow.