Never Enough

I was chatting with my parents on FaceTime before work yesterday morning and after we'd said goodbye to each other I wrote down part of our conversation because I think it's something that I will want to remember always.

Me: "Can I ask you something kind of serious?"

Mom: "Yes."

Me: "Do you think I should come home for a while?"

Mom: "Why do you ask?"

Me: "Because."

Mom: "We love having you here but you have your own life to live."

Me: "But I'm worried that we don't have very much time left."

Mom: "Corey, we will never have enough time."

After my mom said those last words she started to cry and my dad took off her glasses and gently wiped her tears away with a tissue. A moment later he looked into the camera and asked, "Have you even thought about where you'd stay?" My mom started to laugh then and for just that moment we made it enough.