Jenny Slate & Friends

Tommy and I met Kari and Kelly in Square's parking garage after work last night and the four of us piled into Kelly's dark blue Prius and headed to The Tradesmen in the Mission for drinks (beer, Prosecco and wine) and French fries (garlic and herb) before our 7:30 viewing of Jenny Slate & Friends starring Jenny Slate (Jean-Ralphio's sister on Parks and Recreation) and two of her comedian friends at the Brava Theater Center as part of SF Sketchfest 2015. Although my parents super did not care for Mrs. Slate's brand of humor (a lot of vagina jokes) when we all watched Obvious Child together over Christmas break, I think she's great. She's clever and nerdy and always very high, which means she talks a lot about things like Space Jam being her favorite movie and her grandmother's accent and trying to function in the world whilst being very high on pot. Actually, I think she's to blame for the chest pain I felt today because I spent an hour or two laughing at her to the point of cramps last night.

Anyway, after Jenny and her friends left the stage, Kari, Kelly, Tommy and I left the theater and walked to Pig & Pie for fries (with spiced salt) and drinks and two giant Rice Krispies Treats. Kari and Tommy peeled off a short time later and Kelly and I went to Pilsner Inn in the Castro for a nightcap and a gab-sesh.

Before I share more pictures from yesterday night and then head to bed, I'd like to point out that I was in a very bad to terrible mood when I met Tommy at Montgomery Street Station after work, so he offered to give me a one-minute back rub on the BART platform to snap me out of it. He ended up rubbing my back for nearly three minutes and I felt worlds better. He's a very good friend.