A Special Evening with Marf

I am large to extra large tired tonight because I spent the bulk of last night catching up with Marf (pictured above), first over duck fat fries at Bourbon Steak in Union Square and then over drinks at Owl Tree in the Tenderloin. Tommy of #coreyandtommydoearth met us at Bourbon Steak but stayed just long enough to consume one salmon popper, have a sip of my drink and use the men's restroom (yes, he pooped) before dashing off to meet a friend at yoga. After a second order of duck fat fries Marf and I walked to Owl Tree because he's "always admired their neon sign" and stayed just long enough for me to feel real feelings to "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding. We poured ourselves into Lyfts around eleven and after a quick $12 ride with Amir I was in my bed eating salmon quesadillas and not letting Bevan fall back to sleep.

I think it's worth noting that Marf's name is actually Marc but a few years ago he sent a drunk work email (it was late and he was working from home) in which he accidentally hit the F key instead of the C key while signing his name at the end of it and pressed send after realizing his mistake but instead of letting it go he sent a follow-up email correcting himself so now we call him Marf.

I would also like to note, this being my personal web log and all, that Bevan's hot water heater broke at some point during the night on Tuesday and so I spent all of yesterday morning and part of the afternoon at home on the couch eating leftover fries from Squat & Gobble and waiting for the repairman to show up. He was two hours late but also very nice. Oh, and he called me Cooley.

Anyway, here's Marf striking a pose under the neon sign that he likes so much.