Corey and Tommy Do NoPa

Tommy and I ventured to San Francisco's NoPa neighborhood for our #coreyandtommydoearth outing earlier this week. Below is my contribution to our shared Corey and Tommy Do Earth web log.

Dear Tommy,

It's Thursday now and my body is still feeling the Molly Ringwald's Lost Weekend that I consumed at dinner on Tuesday night. Since when did I start getting hangovers from three to five drinks? And when did the hangovers start being inside of me until forever? Regardless, our #coreyandtommydoearth adventure in NoPa on Tuesday night was a complete and utter ball (a good time). A few of my favorite parts of the evening include, but are not limited to:

  • Consuming French fries and reading The Hunger Games at Super Duper while waiting for you to get out of work
  • Running into your little brother Billy while buying dead flowers and double-deuces at 1589 Convenience Store
  • Touring your little brother Billy's apartment (All I remember seeing was a kegerator and twinkle lights and wine.)
  • Walking through Lara's mansion (That was easily the best tour of a mid-renovation, 109-year-old San Francisco Victorian that I've ever had.)
  • Chatting with your little brother Billy and his girlfriend Amy at Octopus Restaurant (They're the cutest. Give me them to me now please.)
  • Peeing outside on the sidewalk while waiting for the bus (I'm just kidding cops and current and future employers.)

I must say that having met Rob last week and your little brother Billy on Tuesday night your family seems most excellent thus far and much cooler than you (I kid). If your baby brother John isn't, like, a super genius made out of gold and chipotle dipping sauce then I will be sorely disappointed.

As always, some pictures from the evening are below. Oh, and I can't wait until next week when we spend our Tuesday night in, wait for it, SoMa!

Get at moi!


P.S. Can you ask your little brother Billy to make my apartment run on wind power? Or even, like, regular power, but for free? Also, I have never heard of a single band that you guys mentioned at dinner nor will I ever.

P.P.S.S. Remember the hand dryer?