This Dream Though

I hardly slept last night.

I had a lengthy, meandering dream that began, I believe, in an alleyway in New York City and wove through streets and down hallways and into rooms and then moved on to a parking lot and a hospital and finally a house that had a pool that was barely visible through blind-covered windows. Throughout the dream I encountered people from all parts of my life, major players and very minor characters, and at first I was searching for a drink and then a party and then a person and finally a tie to go with a shirt that a friend of mine from Chicago who I have not seen in almost two years appeared out of nowhere to lend me for a gathering that I couldn't remember the details of by the time I had found it (the tie, that is). Anyway, the whole dream felt exhausting and maddening while I was dreaming it and after I'd woken up I grabbed my phone to type it all down and then I couldn't fall back to sleep again. That was around four thirty.

I spent some time on this morning after I had given up on sleep but that confused things even more, so I'm just gonna chalk the sheer length and randomness of the dream up to being in a bed that's not mine and also to eating a whole bag of Ore-Ida Crispy Crowns before I fell asleep.

If you're reading this and happen to be a dream specialist, feel free to weigh in.