In Which Jenny Dates a Homophone

For the past few weeks one of my closest friends has been dating a new boy, but for reasons that were not yet apparent to me, she refused to let me meet him. So as a means of annoyment for her friendship infraction, I spent the majority of last week exacting revenge, subtly.

Text Message Exchange on November 1, 2014

Me: I'm downtown. Wanna go shopping?

Jenny: I can’t, I’m at brunch.

Me: Oh, with Rae?


Text Message Exchange on November 2, 2014

Jenny: What are you doing?

Me: Eating Sour Patch Kids in bed.

Jenny: Come over! And bring The Patch.

Me: Okay. Will I be bringing enough for Rei as well?


Gchat Conversation on November 3, 2014

Me: What are you doing for lunch?

Jenny: I dunno. I’m still on second breakfast.

Me: Oh, right.

Jenny: You?

Me: I'm thinking barbecue. I've had a hankering for Sweet Baby Reigh's all week.


Text Message Exchange on November 4, 2014

Me: I wanna do Yosemite with you and Jamie next month.

Jenny: Sweet! I'm in.

Me: Great! I'll start planning it. Will Rhaye be joining us?


Gchat Conversation on November 5, 2014

Jenny: Are you still in for dinner with my mom on Wednesday?

Me: Yeah.

Jenny: Okay good.

Me: Will she have the pleasure of meeting Wrey while she's in town?

Jenny:  No, but you're really good at coming up with different ways to spell Ray.

Me: Aw, thank you. Honestly, I've found it to be a really fun challenge this week.

Jenny: You do realize that this is why you haven't met him yet, right?

Me: Yup. A really good call on your part.