Corey and Tommy Do the Bayview-Hunters Point

With the padding of a full twenty-four hours between myself and the events of yestereve, I took to the #coreyandtommydoearth web log earlier this evening to both reflect and gain closure. The post, in its entirety, can be read below.


Firstly, I must admit that I spent the last fifteen or so seconds contemplating the lack of an apostrophe between the 'r' and the 's' in the 'Hunters' portion of Hunters Point, the San Francisco neighborhood that we experienced last night. I honestly believed that the word 'Hunter' was referencing a person's forename, not unlike Hunter S. Thompson (American journalist and author) or Hunter Parrish (the actor who portrayed the eldest Botwin son on HBO's "Weeds"). Now I understand that 'Hunters' is likely referring to persons who track animals for sport, usually using a weapon of some sort, like a gun or a bow or a, wait, do you consider a fishing pole to be a weapon? Although it is by no means conclusive, my initial thought is that a fishing pole probably belongs in the same category (or at least the same section of a sporting goods store) as a gun or a bow even though I've always considered it to be more of a tool than a weapon. Anyway, it's Hunters, without an apostrophe.

Nextly, you are absolutely correct, an adventure last night was. I will forever remember feeling very cold and very hungry and then very happy and then very sick. Because I can look back on yesterday with the luxury of nearly a whole day's distance, it was a great experience to have had for a number of reasons, the main reason being that I got to see Sutro Tower from an entirely new vantage point and also that I had the opportunity to write about pooping on my personal web log yet again, which undoubtedly made my mom thankful to have me as a son.

I do not have any of my own photos to add to this post because, as I'm sure you remember from last week, my iPhone 5 camera is still broken and the Apple Store on Stockton Street doesn't have any silver, 64GB iPhone 6s in stock yet, so I guess I'll just post an animated GIF (pronounced 'jiff,' like the popular though sugary (there are three grams of sugar in a two-tablespoon serving) brand of peanut butter served to millions of American children each and every day).

The above GIF, the very same one that I referenced in the aforementioned paragraph, is one that I found by searching 'Tommy' on Google. In addition to the part where your name is also Tommy, the GIF is fitting here because it illustrates quite accurately how I felt on the T after our meal last night.

Gee tee gee.



P.S. Let's do the Haight next week.