29 Things I Did Today

Just because.

  1. Edited a blog post (not my own)

  2. Made my bed

  3. Picked up five Magic Mice and five Magic Trackpads from the Apple Store on Stockton Street

  4. Ran into a former co-worker on the T

  5. Drank a bottle of orange juice (ten ounces)

  6. Went to a meeting

  7. Ate mixed nuts out of a coffee mug

  8. Called my parents

  9. Ate a salad (arugula and spinach topped with black olives, mozzarella cheese, red peppers and sesame soy dressing)

  10. Discussed the price of wedding dresses

  11. Toured my company CEO's penthouse loft

  12. Ate yogurt (blueberry)

  13. Got hit in the hand with a Nerf dart

  14. Witnessed, from the window of the 30 bus, a very intoxicated San Francisco Giants fan pouring a bottle of water on the head of an unsuspecting pedestrian

  15. Hugged Tommy

  16. Smuggled a Slurpee into Powell Street Station in my backpack

  17. Watched a man with a ponytail punch a man in a business suit for not making room for him on an outbound N train

  18. Purchased “Adventureland,” “Lost In Translation” and “Under the Tuscan Sun” on DVD for $8.93 from a record store that was once a bowling alley

  19. Turned down two separate offers to purchase marijuana

  20. Conversed with a current resident of The Grateful Dead House whilst standing in front of The Grateful Dead House

  21. Discussed Lena Dunham

  22. Ate Mexican street food in the Haight with Tommy

  23. Discussed European Grindr hookups

  24. Took a Lyft Line with two complete, and completely nice, strangers

  25. Listened to Bevan read (part of) “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” to Sidney

  26. Ate a vodka-soaked Sour Patch Kid (blue)

  27. Cut up a watermelon

  28. Listened to Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"

  29. Took off my socks