Desperate Measures

After unsuccessfully probing every inch of my fair city in search of a travel case for Clooney, the 11-inch MacBook Air I purchased to replace Kevin, I took my search to the World Wide Web this afternoon and, after futile forays on Amazon, eBags and Pinterest, found myself perusing a promising shop on Etsy.

Wool Felt and Leather MacBook Air Sleeve (via byrd & belle)

While the delicious design of byrd & belle's Wool Felt and Leather MacBook Air Sleeve would undoubtedly compliment Clooney commendably, I looked at the $54 price tag and my own un-salary and decided against the purchase. Instead, I retooled my focus entirely and made my way toward a variety store in my neighborhood to procure some wool felt (half a yard), a spool of thread (black polyester) and a disk of needles.

Once home, I spread the fabric out on my desk and set my laptop down on it.

I then proceeded to make cuts along the edges of my computer, leaving a spare inch of felt on all sides. I did this four times until I was left with four like-sized rectangles of material.

Then I stacked two of the pieces onto one another and stitched three sides together using a needle and thread.

I was careful to leave one of the long sides unstitched.

Then, I turned the fabric inside out.

I repeated this process with the remaining two rectangles of wool felt I had cut out previously.

Left with what amounted to two pockets, I situated them on top of one another, matched up the four unstitched edges and sewed them together, along with the two short sides, leaving one long side open.

Again, I turned the pocket inside out and then inserted Clooney to ensure he would fit.

With more than half of the purchased felt unused, I cut out the shape of my laptop again, this time leaving nearly two inches on each side. I then crafted another sleeve slightly larger than the first and put the smaller sleeve inside of it to give Clooney added cushion.

Careful not to seal the opening, I added stitches near the top of the sleeve because I thought it might look cute and because the episode of Will & Grace I was watching had not yet ended.

Again, I slid Clooney inside.

Pleased with myself, I messaged a photo of my handiwork to my friend Kari, certain she'd offer praise.

Instead, she posed a question.